Got Questions? I Have Answers!
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I’ve decided to answer some of my most common questions regarding services, printing, pricing, and process here. Suggestions for content? Use the contact form and let me know!


Learn to Print

Are you interested in learning how to design for letterpress? My class, Creating Letterpress Plates with Adobe Illustrator, runs quarterly at The Flower City Arts Center. After spending two weeks in the digital lab learning some Illustrator basics and some plate design best practices, we spend two weeks in the print shop learning how to print those plates on the Center’s Vandercook presses. I’d love to have you in class!

If you’re more interested in learning how to work with and print traditional handset type, don’t worry — the Center has you covered! Check out their website for an entire list of classes, workshops, and offerings.

Photo by one of my awesome former students, Megan Charland!

What is Letterpress?

Curious about my favorite printing process? Check out the videos below!

The video above features the song “Gulf of Mexico” by The Felice Brothers.

The video above was created by Matt DeTurck for Hedonist Artisan Chocolates.

The video above was created by Mike Nelson for Bob Wright Creative.

What the Heck is a “Milo Nine?”

I get this question so often! It took me such a long time to brand myself, you have no idea. And then I met Milo.

My then-boyfriend-now-husband, Ryan, surprised me with a little orange kitten not long after we moved to Rochester.

Milo and I had an immediate connection, and he became very important to me during a difficult time. Unfortunately, we discovered he had a terminal illness just a few short months after we brought him home, and we had to say goodbye much too soon.

I named my business in his honor. Milo, for the friend I’ll always miss, and Nine for the month of September, when Ryan and I got married.